Granite & Marble Specialties (Website)

Granite & Marble Specialties is Seattle and Puget Sound area’s one-stop-shop for an unprecedented variety of premium quality Seattle granite and Seattle marble countertops. We retail, wholesale, fabricate and install natural stone countertops.

Finao Nation (Website, iOS App and Android App)

FINAO® is a safe and interactive place where members define their own community, success and journey by setting, tracking and sharing their aspirations. An aspiration you set for yourself and develop is called a FINAO. It can be about education, fitness, relationships; big or small; whatever your interests are – a FINAO is personal to you. FINAOs are the things in your life where you, and only you, decide that Failure Is Not An Option. Create your FINAOs, build a community to motivate and support your journey and keep your progress up to date by posting text, pictures and videos. Become inspired while others are inspired by you.

To add to your FINAO experience, there’s FINAO Gear, a clothing line that shows your personal FINAO spirit. FINAO Gear may feature a TagNote that when shown, displays your personal commitment. Unique, lively and distinct, FINAO Gear connects you with others outside of the digital world as an extension of your own FINAOs.

FINAO transcends a simple goal. It is a higher order of defining ones’ aspirations, allowing for resets and redirects along the journey, all while keeping focus or passion for the overall objective.

With a mobile app, website, branded products and more, FINAO is your digital platform to express who you are and to celebrate everything that makes you, YOU.

TalkingPeppers (Website)

TalkingPeppers is a News aggregation platform that brings together the latest Viral events & daily headlines - with a focus on India and the World – in a crisp, concise and reader friendly manner. In addition, it also fulfills your entertainment needs by showcasing latest and most trending activities in the social networks.

BuyUrWish (Website)

BuyUrWish is an online store offering insider access to today’s top products at unbeatable prices. From apparel, to shoes and other goodies, we hand select the best styles and products for you and your family. We will ensure a convenient and fun-filled online shopping experience for one and all.

Apart from selling retail products, the focus of BuyUrWish is also to build a market place which can uplift new entrepreneurs and people who sell products from their homes. Such people may or may not have online presence but surely do have specialized products and services. Our idea is to create a platform for niche sellers who may not have a branded shop but sell through home to home services and stalls at flea markets and social platforms like Facebook/ Whatsapp etc.Hence, we try to bridge the gap between the Customer and these Vendors by providing a reliable platform to buy / sell products.